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東洋印刷 ナナワードラベル LDZ18P A4/18面 500枚 4974906111305(5セット):オフィスジャパン - 10730

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The label for the page printer which is convenient for the address label making with laser beam printers. It is the heat-resistant, good label which is available as a label for the copy. As there are few blurs, and there is quick-drying, I can print even an inkjet printer clearly.
●OA sheet label
●A standard: 18
●A single number: 9000
●Seat size: 70*42.3mm
●A total thickness: 126μm
●Label thickness: 70μm
●Basis weight: 118g/
●Whiteness level: (hunter) 80%
●Materials: Fine paper
●A correspondence apparatus: Monochromatic copier, monochromatic laser, ink-jet, heat transfer printer
●The number of 1 treasuring: 500 pieces

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