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Lindhaus Valzer New Age HEPA 12'' Upright Vacuum Cleaner 掃除機:ワールドセレクトショップ - fe4ab

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Lindhaus Valzer New Age HEPA 12'' Upright Vacuum Cleaner 掃除機【商品名】
Lindhaus Valzer New Age HEPA 12'' Upright Vacuum Cleaner 掃除機



This new model was designed to meet the requirements of our customers to help alleviate allergy symptoms and/or environmental sensitivities. It is equipped with a 3M filtrete microfilter (standard) which assures .superior 5-stage filtration. As an option, it can be equipped with a Hepa Filter, for total filtration in healthcare environments or with carbon active filter cartridge to trap offensive odors. Lindhaus continues in its efforts to engineer and produce a superior vacuum cleaner with the highest filtration levels currently available on the market. We strive to keep abreast of the ever-changing needs of the consumer to provide them not only the best cleaning vacuum but also a vacuum with a very beautiful and classic design that will last for years to come. The filtration efficiency tests done on Lindhaus vacuums by the independent laboratory IBR (USA) show the result of a Lindhaus sealed filtration system. All models of Lindhaus vacuums can also be fitted with an optional S-class HEPA filter, available from your dealer, for filtration of particles 0.3 microns or larger at an efficiency of % This allows you to acheive a higher level of filtration during the allergy seasons or when contaminants may be at a higher level in your home, such as after dusting. Specifications: Total watt power 850 Amp usage 7.9 Vacuum motor watt power 700 Vacuum motor amp 6.5 Water lift (inch) 79 CFM 92 Full-bag indicator standard Bag capacity 3 Qt. 3M Filtrete Microfilter standard S-Class Hepa filter option Carbon active filter option Blower option Sound level db(A) 68.4 Cord Length (feet) 35 Accessory kit option POWER NOZZLE Brush motor watt power 150 Brush motor amp. 1.4 Electronic overload control standard Clogged drive belt standard Aluminum brush supports with ball bearings standard Brush height adjustment standard Rubber tires standard Brush width 10.7" Base width 12" Weight w/o cord 14 Kg

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